Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another one of MY Poems!

Time for a Solo!
You’re out there on your own
Will you stumble will you fall?
Just hold your head up high
Stand there proud and stand there tall

Only you the lights, the music
Out there on that great big stage
And you wonder if you’ll make it
Will your dancing come of age?

Solo…. It’s your choice now
The steps are up to you
There’s no one there to help you
Or tell you what to do

But you’re up there strong and brave now
With every step you take a chance
Coz sometimes going solo
is not all about the dance

Dance like no one can see you
Make every step mean something true
You’re up there in the spotlight
With all eyes watching you

Don’t worry if you trip
Miss a step or lose your way
The stage is always there
To do a dance another day

In solos there’s no rules
You change the steps if you want to
Coz ….this dance is a dance that
You are dancing just for you!



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