Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

So it's been busy LOL  Contributed to two challenges found some fabulolus Digital Scrapbooking Blog's and signed up. Tripped over the Promote My Fan Page Facebook page and have spent hours Promoting my Facebook Fan page ... Its awsome and lots of fun. Hopefully will have my first 'freebie' word art up and ready for the taking over the weeked..  till then a few Journaling words for the taking..  Great for Beach Wedding Themed pages  .. I think  LOL

Hoping married life is just .. beachy!

The tides of love
are like the tides of life

Ebb and Flow - Give and Take

Wishing you waves of love and happiness always
 Feel the waves upon your feet
Feel the sand between your toes
Feel the love thats in your heart
Know with every year it grows....

Cheers !



LilyBelle said...

Lovely words to add to a layout, Yogi! Thanks - :)

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