Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freebie.....A Little Poem for Your Tomby pages!!

Does a fish have curls?
Can you dress yourself in dirt?
Will my updo match with my
daddy's fishing shirt?
Can a truck be pink?
And have glitter on its wheels?
Does it matter if your muddy
Coz you luv the way it feels?
Will my bestest dolly mind if
we're playing in the yard?
Do these questions all have answers?
Coz some of them are hard?
But it dosent really matter
when all is said and done
The most important thing is that
my darling girl has FUN!

Feel free to use this on any of your creations ... A link back would be nice! xoxo



LilyBelle said...

I just saw this at RAKScraps. This is a unique and lovely gift and you have a great talent for poetic journaling. Thank you! :)

PS ... I'll be adding your blog to my reading list.

Yogi said...

Thankyou so much! xox I will be posting more here on a regular basis. I take requests!

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